Paul Lozeau                                 Added 3/20/11


     I’ll start off by saying I have been playing music since I was

11 years old. That was right around the Beatles coming to America.

I was infatuated, just as many other kids my age. I had to learn to

play guitar !  When we were kids, we had lots of bands, but none

that could do more than playing at “mixers” or “Battle of the Bands”

at the local JHS. In fact, in one of my earliest bands, we all played

rhythm guitar (no bass, no lead). We all played the same chords,

while the drummer drummed. That’s when we decided that we

needed a bass player. I volunteered, and we went to the local pawn

shop, traded in an old cassette tape deck and a small Harmony amp

(with a blown speaker). Ended up with an Ideal Bass, violin shaped

just like Paul McCartney'sHofner !  I went thru many types and styles

of music, but a major influence was The Beatles, The Stones, Zeppelin,

Jimi Hendrix,  Black Sabbath, ZZ Top, and as the years flew by, many,

many more.

    My earlier bands played mostly original material, with some "covers"

and I got the opportunity to open for a few bands at Civic Centers, etc.

Ike and Tina Turner, Rare Earth, Dave Mason, and James Montgomery

to name a few. Then, things changed and I started playing all over

New England at local clubs, mostly "covering" other bands music. Playing

the winter months at the ski areas, and the summer months at the

beaches became the norm. There are many stories thru the years of

paying dues, just the same as all of my close musician friends...we've

all put in the time and effort for the dedication and love needed to do

what we do !

   My Bands chronologically listed:  A.R.C., Smith Bros.Band, Snowhite,

Fallen Angel, UnderCover, The Senders. Most of these bands lasted six

years or less, except for my current band...24 years and counting !!

I love my job !!