Dan Rider                                             Added 3/20/11



    Dan fell in love with the guitar at the age of seven at his uncle's annual


Christmas party. His older cousin Frankie got a guitar for Christmas and


Dan was amazed with the sound that it produced. For years after that he


drove his family nuts for a guitar, but still no guitar. At eleven years old on


his way home from school, Dan found a old Stella Harmony guitar that was


in the trash, it was a true hallelujah!  He started playing guitar inspired by


the likes of the Monkees, Johnny Cash, Glen Campbell and whoever was on


TV at the time holding an ax.


     By the age of twelve he quickly progressed from a regular kid playing


street hockey to a kid obsessed with the guitar trying to play songs by


Hendrix and “blues greats” the likes of Freddie King. He dedicated himself to


the instrument and passed up many sunny days to be with his guitar. He ate,


drank, and slept Rock and Blues, and before you knew it, he was playing at


backyard parties with other kids in the neighborhood. Through the years Dan


played in many bands in the state and joined The Senders in 1993.